Our Quality Policy

We are determining requirements and expectations of our customers; accordingly we are carrying out a production policy with the target of 100% customer satisfaction by improving our products continuously.  We measure both our quality performance and satisfaction of our customers by receiving feedback from our customers. We are action planning for required remedies and applying them by analyzing imperfections and faults encountered in all stages.  We offer our products to the customers after they are examined and tested by our experienced quality control experts in detail.

We are taking all measures to ensure continuity of quality and health-consciousness of our products we offer to our customers, and social satisfaction is also prioritized besides customer satisfaction.  Water-based paints we import from Holland do not damage the environment.  Thus all products we manufacture are ecological. 

We pick and choose all raw materials used with production understanding respecting life and environment, thus with our production quality at European standards, we place emphasis on human health and environment.  We realize production with ‘zero error’ and ’perfect product’ target by benefiting from qualified staff and modern equipments with understanding of producing high-quality and reliable wallpaper.  We are adapting ourselves to innovations by means of required competence and technical equipment, and by paying regard to competition conditions and maintaining costs at optimum level with ‘zero waste’ understanding.