The most efficient step to show the decoration elegant and trend in the residences you live in is to bring your walls forward with the patterns and colors that reflect the character of the environment. Your residences will set their seal at first sight through walls enriched with pleasing patterns and colors in line with your personal preferences. RAVENA wall papers that have strong market network and follow the path to be the leading trademark in global markets, spread around the world rapidly and have been one of the favorite trademarks with its high-quality and the collections produced with this understanding.

About us
Believe in the power of wishes...

Known worldwide for its remarkable design culture and the unique character of its original collections, Ravena comes with assertive patterns and soft tones in YAZMİN to make your living spaces timeless and relaxed.

The name of the designs that carry aesthetics to your walls is KAHKASHAN!   Almost everything we use in the decoration of our homes, where we spend most of our time, has a pattern and texture. Wallpaper is one of them. Our Kahkashan series, which includes modern designs that we have prepared with different textures and patterns, is coming to add a stylish atmosphere to your homes and spaces.



In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary...

In this route we have drawn towards the light, starting from the meaning of its name; Spectrum, our new collection that will not only illuminate your walls with colors and patterns suitable for every space, but will add elegance to all your walls with specially selected and combined colors and patterns awaits you.