Ravena is one of Turkey's leading manufacturer of wallpaper, founded in Bandırma in 2016 under the leadership of Barakat Group the leader in most of its businesses and the German Wallpaper manufacturer Rasch.

As of 2021, Ravena was incorporated into Barakat Group and continues its activities.

Ravena makes sales of wallpapers, production of which is realized by leading-edge technology with its young and dynamic working team, by means of business partners throughout Turkey, and exports its products to Asian, African, American, Middle Eastern and European countries. Company aims to access to Russia and Central Asia markets.

All raw materials used are procured from reliable solution partner suppliers with the production understanding respectful to life and nature, thus human health and environment are protected with its production quality at international standards. Ravena offers goods for wide range of customers with its innovative, modern and decorative wallpaper production with its design-driven approach, besides its understanding of high-quality and reliable wallpaper production at international standards.

Main reason of Ravena being a leading name in the sector is that Ravena Design Team has assimilated design-driven wallpaper production philosophy without compromising on quality.

We ensure even small details that cannot be seen to be reflected in the spirit of the wallpaper via our production technologies.



Frames and colors reflected to life by Ravena Design Team, are elaborately
transferred to patterns, thus all collections are created with a mystical spirit and aura.

Countries of Exportation
Annual Production


To be a pioneer of modern lifestyle that are healthy, high quality and sustainable. Meet all consumer expectations at the highest level with a wide range of products, ensuring the right quality-price ratio.


To surpass established standards and raise consumer benchmarks of product and service quality. To move forward and be the most respected and preferred brand in the sector. To produce quality products with an innovative, modern, design image. To meet the tastes and preferences of our consumers around the world.